Our reports and publications offer rich detail on the overall picture emerging from the digital experience insight surveys as well as briefings and visual representations designed to help you to convey key messages to your stakeholders.

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The digital experience insights service has been developed over a three year period and evolved from our digital student research to understand students’ expectations and experiences of technology as well as our work with staff and students on the change agents’ network.

The resulting survey tools and support have been extensively piloted. The reports below document our findings so far.

Outcomes from the 2018 pilot

Coming soon

  • Briefings on key findings from the 2018 student digital experience insights report covering themes such as:
    • Wellbeing
    • How technology is supporting students with transition
    • What institutional metrics correlate with high levels of student and staff satisfaction in relation to the digital experience
  • A guide on how organisations who have used the insights service are using their findings to support their digital strategies and environment to better meet student expectations.
  • Updated student digital experience benchmarking tool (based on our existing Jisc/NUS student experience benchmarking tool)
  • Toolkit for arriving students
  • Report on findings from 2018 student insights survey from Australian and New Zealand universities

Outcomes from the 2017 open pilot

Student digital experience tracker 2017: the voice of 22,000 students

(Full report highlighting key findings based on the 2017 open pilot in which 74 UK institutions and 10 international universities participated)

At a glance: Student digital experience tracker 2017

(Briefing outlining key findings from the full report including areas where institutions may wish to further develop their digital environment to better support their students)

Student digital experience tracker 2017: How do further and higher education students feel about using technology for learning, and how are institutions finding out?

(A summary of the 2017 student survey findings across the UK with snapshots that provide insights into how individual institutions have used the tracker)

Student digital experience tracker 2017: summary of key findings

(Presentation: 2017 student digital experience tracker summary of key findings)

Student digital experience tracker: Insights from institutional pilots 2017

(14 snapshots of institutional practice, highlighting how universities, colleges and providers have used the tracker to support the developments of their students’ digital experience. They show the different approaches institutions have used to encourage students to participate in the survey, how they are engaging students with the analysis of the data and working in partnership to take forward the resulting actions.)

Outcomes from the 2016 closed pilot

Student digital experience tracker 2016: results from the pilot

(Report with top level facts and figures – see also accompanying set of slides)

See our case studies

See our case studies for examples of how institutions are taking forward their digital developments based on their findings gained from data analysis of the digital experience insights surveys.