Providing an equitable experience for transnational education (TNE) students

For UK transnational education there is an increased awareness of the need to have a better understanding of how students and staff are experiencing provision across countries and campuses. There is currently little data available to show how staff and students are using technology in this context. Our aim is to provide an evidence-base to investigate this further.

We are currently developing and piloting a version of the digital experience insights survey for institutions providing transnational education. The pilot will run from autumn 2018 to April 2019.

Jisc has been working to support institutions in their TNE endeavours, from the need for underlying seamless, reliable connectivity, to access to digital resources for TNE students and staff. The TNE insights pilot project is part of the TNE support programme, which currently offers the global connect service and is working on a number of new pilot projects which may result in new services. Transnational education

The data gained is particularly valuable as technology is fundamental to the delivery of TNE which is often facilitated through digital technologies. While this is a survey about experiences of technology the data generated has the potential to inform institutions’ wider strategies and decision-making to better support the overall TNE student experience. After all, digital communication channels are frequently the prime touchpoint for TNE education and communication between students and universities.

The data can also be used to inform initiatives such as addressing retention rates and levels of engagement amongst TNE students which compare relatively poorly to their UK-based counterparts.

The insights service could help you improve your students’ experience and future-proof your TNE offer.

Benefits to participating organisations include:

  • The ability to compare experiences of technology between students on their home (UK) campus, and their overseas TNE activity, whether that be campus, partnership or online. Information gathered will not only directly compare but also give broader information such as a comparison in response rates
  • The opportunity to benchmark against other institutions, a unique selling point of the insights service. This is not be available to institutions running their own surveys independently
  • Survey questions that have been carefully researched and evaluated through three previous large-scale pilots
  • UK universities participating in the pilot will receive a free license for the Jisc online survey tool.

Read our case study to learn more about what the University of Nottingham Ningbo China discovered when they surveyed students at their Ningbo campus when they took part in the Insights ‘tracker’ pilot survey.

Thanks to the student digital experience tracker we can better understand the needs and demands of our students and the importance they attach to digital skills – skills they see as key for learning and their professional futures. This gives us an invaluable basis for strategic thinking and to further develop our budding community of practice.

Marion Sadoux, Academic Lead for Online Learning at UNNC

Interested in participating in the TNE pilot?

If you are interested in taking part in this pilot please do get in touch with Ruth Drysdale, senior co-design manager at Jisc.