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Findings from 2020 survey of the digital experience of professional services staff

This year 4,560 professional services staff from UK further and higher education took part in our digital experience insights survey specifically for professional services staff, conducted between October 2019 and June 2020.
21 December 2020

The professional services staff survey findings for 2020 build on the rich picture obtained from our surveys of students and teaching staff.

This year has been very different to others and for some professional services staff, this may have been their first experience of remote working, accessing essential systems from home and where support from colleagues may have been disrupted.

Key observations that stand out from the 2020 professional services staff survey findings are that:

  • Despite overlapping responsibilities, the cultural differences between professional services staff and teaching staff make it even more important that all views are heard and that there is equity – a ‘stronger together’ approach will benefit all
  • As for teaching staff and students, context is important, it is just that the specific context may be different for professional services staff
  • Access to the right devices, software and systems is vital, as is support for skills development

All our reports for all surveys are available on from our reports and briefings page.