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The guidance below will help you at every stage of your insights surveys – from planning and implementation to engaging respondents, data collection and analysis as well as responding to your findings.

Explore our insights guides:

Planning to use insights surveys

Our introductory guide on planning to use insights surveys (Google document) will help you to prepare for successful implementation. It covers topics such as:

  • Communicating the rationale for the survey
  • Subscribing to the insights service
  • Establishing a working group
  • The resources you will need
  • Deciding who you want to survey
  • Achieving a representative sample

Insights surveys: data protection and management issues

Our guide to data protection and management issues (Google document) as they relate to insights surveys clarifies responsibilities for data collection, ownership, management and processing.

Using insights surveys in Jisc online surveys

All you need to know about using insights surveys in Jisc online surveys (Google document). Key topics covered in this guide include:

  • How you access your Jisc online surveys account and your chosen survey(s)
  • Launching and distributing your survey(s)
  • Accessing your data during and after launching your survey(s)

Customising your insights surveys

Find out how and why you may want to customise your insights surveys (Google document). Topics included in this guide include options to:

  • Group your institutional respondents
  • Add additional questions
  • Provide details about any prize draw you may offer
  • Thank respondents for taking part

Engaging respondents in your insights surveys

This guide on engaging respondents in your insights surveys (Google document) offers practical advice on engagement strategies and suggests ways you can build on this to:

  • Create an on-going dialogue with respondents about their digital experience
  • Develop partnership and collaborative enhancement projects
  • Enrich your insight survey findings with evidence from qualitative and participative approaches

Analysing and understanding your insights survey data

This guide will help you to analyse and understand your insights survey data (Google document). It covers basic analysis, accessing your organisational and benchmarking data as well as common analysis operations.

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