See your digital environment through the eyes of your staff and students

The digital experience insights service (previously known as the digital experience tracker) provides survey tools that enable organisations to collect and analyse data about the digital environment and how digital technologies are used in learning and teaching. The development of the survey tools have been a key outcome of our digital student work

How does the service work

The surveys gather respondents’ expectations and experiences of technology, based on concise question sets which have been intensively trialled with higher and further education students and staff to ensure readability and ease of response. The questions focus on the learning experience and cover issues that are important to learners and staff. Watch our short animation that explains how the service works

The insights service addresses the needs of further and higher education as well as skills providers by providing validated survey tools for students and staff along with support and advice and guidance. It allows organisations to:

  • Gather evidence from learners and staff about their digital experience and compare data over time
  • Make better informed decisions about the digital environment
  • Target resources for improving digital provision
  • Plan other research, data gathering and student engagement around digital issues
  • Deliver targeted continuous professional development (CPD) for staff
  • Demonstrate quality enhancement and student engagement to external bodies and to students themselves

The findings from the surveys are invaluable in helping organisations to drive change.

Tailored question sets

We offer tailored versions of the insights surveys for students and staff in FE and HE. We also have a survey question set for online learners.

In development: We are currently developing new versions of the survey tool for research and for transnational education.

Real time access to your data

Subscribers get real-time access to their own data through our online surveys platform. This means you don’t have to wait until the survey closes and for all the analysis to be complete to respond. We also offer the opportunity to customise question sets to investigate areas of provision specific to your institution.

A fully supported service

This is a fully supported service. Organisations using the service receive extensive guidance and support throughout the implementation and analysis processes and advice on how to respond to the findings. Subscribing organisations will benefit from being part of an active community of practice to share practice and build capacity with online and face-to-face activities.

There are four elements to our service:

  • Planning and implementation – establish your project team, engage stakeholders, conduct a local needs analysis and consider whether you wish to customise any of the questions
  • Data collection – launch the surveys, engage respondents, monitor progress
  • Data analysis – conduct local analysis of your data, consult stakeholders, compare results with sector benchmark data
  • Respond to the findings – share insight findings, plan and prioritise to drive change and improvements
DEI process model
The four main elements of the digital experience insights service

The insight surveys are delivered in online surveys (formerly BOS) - a service specially developed for the UK education sector. Institutions using insights will receive guidance on implementation in online surveys, real-time access to their own data, are able to benchmark their data against their sector data, and access further guidance on how to understand and respond to the findings.

Creating a digitally enabled organisation: the value of a data driven approach


Our short booklet shows the benefits of combining the digital experience insights and the building digital capabilities services to really make your investment count.

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