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Making your investment count

Colleges and universities invest heavily in technology and need to be able to demonstrate that this is money well spent. Our digital experience insights surveys provide powerful data on how your students and staff are using the technology you offer, what is making a difference and where improvements can be made.

Our surveys will help you to:

  • Secure return on investment, efficiency and productivity savings
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of digital strategy implementation
  • Gather data to evidence year-on-year improvements and inform priorities
  • Capture data to inform future investment decisions
  • Benchmark your progress against others' nationally

See how digital experience insights works (1.26 minutes)

A transcript of this animation is available (Word).

Key elements of our digital experience insights service

  • Surveys for students, teaching staff and professional services staff
  • The option to run the surveys annually or as pulse surveys (enables you to run surveys more than once in an academic year)
  • The option to add a few of your own local questions at the end of your survey
  • Real-time access to your own responses
  • Results templates to help you summarise and share your findings with management teams, students and staff
  • Sector benchmarking data
  • Annual reports that highlight national issues
  • Proactive support from Jisc and the wider community of practice

A credible, evidence-informed and research-based approach

Our service has been developed as a direct response to your challenges. We have worked with over 200 organisations and over 169,000 students and staff to ensure our surveys and associated services meet your needs.

With you at every step of your journey

We provide extensive support and guidance on all aspects of planning, implementation, engaging users, data analysis and communicating outcomes and to help you make the most of our service we also have a vibrant and proactive community of practice and mailing list.

Informing your strategic digital decisions: how our digital experience insights and building digital capability services can help


Our short booklet shows the benefits of combining the digital experience insights and the building digital capabilities services to really make your investment count.

Let's work together to transform your digital experience

View our case studies and testimonials to see how others are using digital experience insights to make their investment count.