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We have a collection of resources and templates to help you promote your survey, engage staff and students and present your data findings.

Informing your strategic digital decisions: how our digital experience insights and building digital capability services can help


Our short booklet shows the benefits of combining the digital experience insights and the building digital capabilities services to really make your investment count.

Posters for journeys of digital development

We know that colleges and universities provide a lot of support for the development of digital skills but our surveys show that not all learners are aware of what support they can access or where they can find it. Ensure staff, as well as students, are aware of the support you offer and embed opportunities for learners to continually develop their skills throughout their overall learning journey. Our posters highlight key areas to focus on to make this happen.

Tools to help you analyse and present your data

Having completed your surveys you now need to analyse your data and present and publish your results. Our handy tools simplify the task for you. The PowerPoint template will help you present your key findings and draws on embedded Excel templates that make it easy for you to present your data in a professional way. We have selected the questions we think will have the greatest relevance and impact at an organisational level. You can add more detail or delete sections you don't want to use.

The new templates for 2023/24 are available to download below (student/learner and teaching staff - rest to follow in December 2023). Note that all the quantitative charts are embedded in Excel documents within the PowerPoint slides, so instructions are given in the first tab of the PowerPoint slides on how to access the charts and add your own data. The only exception is the qualitative questions, where the qualitative tables are in separate Excel documents, which can be found below. Once the qualitative tables are completed you will need to manually add in the necessary information into the PowerPoint slides.

Data summary templates for 2023/24

Templates for previous years are still available to download

Posters to encourage your students and staff to complete the surveys


Our posters are designed to help you to publicise your insight surveys within your institutions. The Word templates allow you to insert your own URL for the survey, as well as your institutional logo.

Note that to add your own logo, click on the marked logo place and select delete. You can then add your own logo and resize to suit, choosing the formatting/text wrap option of ‘in front of text’ to allow you to move it to the right place.

We would really welcome feedback on the posters (what works for you, what could work better). Please can you send any feedback to (putting 'insight surveys' in the title of the email).

Professional services staff posters - English and Welsh languages (with QR codes)

Professional services staff posters - English and Welsh languages (without QR codes)