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In a large, complex organisation full of busy, independently minded people, how do you implement change? How can you know whether people are engaging with new tools and methods of working and using them effectively?
17 April 2024

Since 2016 the University of Hertfordshire has been working with our building digital capability service to help staff and students acquire the digital skills and confidence they need to live and work in a digital world. In 2019 Herts began to use digital experience insights (DEI) surveys to see how they were progressing and understand if there was a mismatch between the services they were offering and what students and staff needed.

“The benchmarking in the digital experience insights surveys shows the progress we’re making with building digital capabilities.”

Samantha Clarkson, digital capabilities manager

The surveys helped to uncover where the university was performing compared with its peers and how student expectations of their digital learning experience were being met, or not.

Read the University of Hertfordshire case study in full (pdf).